Tainan City Dashboard Website

Tainan City Government Smart Development Center

Dashboard website of Tainan City - Information Application System

Tainan City Dashboard is a window that helps us observe the city. It makes us to understand and care more about our cities, and to let people understand information such as: Green Energy, Transportation, Air Quality, Disaster Prevention, Health and Safety, etc. This information is obtained through the Tainan City Dashboard.

Collecting data and quantifying indicators has been the direction of the municipal government in recent years. These data can not only make us to objectively grasp the general situation of cities, but also serve as a reference and decision-making indicator for governance. However, many data are difficult to interpret. If various types of information can be displayed in different types of charts. They make data easier to read. We present complex data in easy-to-interpret graphic dashboards to make it easier for people to understand. They can also be used with maps to present data locations, giving the data a concept of regions.

Dashboards become indicators and references for urban progress. Whether it ’s a map of micro weather stations in air quality, or a map of medical resources. They have become a tool for people to think about the direction of urban governance and understand the current state of the city, and provide a reference for citizens and governors who are interested in participating in urban optimization.