Lí Hó Tainan

Bureau of Tourism, Tainan City Government

International Tourist Guide Information Platform

We integrated the Beaocn device with low-power Bluetooth already deployed in Tainan City, and compared and tested the system programs (including mobile applications) to improve the usability and functionality of this platform.

This case will add six main bus routes (green, blue, brown, orange, yellow, red), as well as the tourist bus Xiaogang Express Line; including 99 sub-routes and 3418 bus stations. These will all be integrated into the "Lí hó Tainan" back-end management system. The original 88/99 two sightseeing route data (including bus route, stop time, bus time, bus information, surrounding attractions, accommodation, catering and other information) are also integrated with the system of this case. At the same time, adjust and optimize the "Lí hó Tainan" APP user interface.