Empirical plan for intelligent air quality monitoring

Da-Zhong Village, Tainan City

An Empirical Plan for Intelligent Air Quality Monitoring in Da-Zhong Village, Nan District, Tainan

In recent years, applications and systems such as AI, big data, and cloud have been gradually matured. Popularization of technology as IoT and 5G will change people’s living style. We organize the concept of IoT , Expandable 5G and AI Enabled Wearables for “Smart Air Quality Light Dashboard ”. We’re excepted to provide the latest air quality with inductive, temperature detection, free WiFi hotspot and environmental monitoring. In the future, depending on demand, we can add enabled cloud AI technology to detect image, automatic number-plate recognition. Moreover, we can also provide the platform for 5G micro base station.

The Opportunity

  • Obtain the air situation in surrounding immediately instead of via the websites or mobile phone.
  • Provide the Wireless wifi functionality to make people surfing on webs conveniently.
  • Solve the issue of environment without internet or inconvenient to set cable via transferring the image back and saving by the monitor.
  • Implement the Proof of Concept to be one of case about to Smart City implement in people life.
  • Introduce the service of 5G and application of IoT to the goal of Smart neighbor step by step, integrating the policies of Smart City into people life.