Company Overview

  • Mainly engaged in software development and system integration.
  • Cooperate with government agencies and enterprises.
  • Have an excellent management team.
  • Pursue sustainable growth.

We apply intelligent technologies such as the Internet, the cloud, and the Internet of Things, and consider the characteristics of empirical demonstration fields and user needs to provide customized integrated application service technologies. We provide more professional information system planning, construction and operation services for government agencies and private enterprises.

We are committed to network construction, promoting the development of the Internet of Things, and strengthening the vertical integration capabilities of ICT and cloud supply chains.Through the analysis of big data, we develop various smart cloud services, such as smart life, smart commerce, and smart cities.


Our Services

System integration services

Intelligent Transportation

vehicle Recognition, Etag, Traffic Management Platform

Could Services

Data Concatenation, Cloud Computing, AIoT


Energy Generation, Energy Storage System, Energy Management, Dashboard


Beacon Management Platform, Inspection-APP


Telecom Modules Repair, Network Optimization, Data Center

System Maintenance

Web Maintenance, APP Maintenance

Future Vision

Our vision is to become a top information system integration company, focusing on service planning and system development in innovative areas such as smart cities and the Internet of Things, and providing professional services to customers.

We will actively cooperate with different application service providers to integrate application services such as ICT, cloud and IoT. With high innovation and integration capabilities, we provide smart applications and solutions for different industries and public sectors, including smart cities, smart transportation and Internet of Vehicle, smart medical and health care, smart manufacturing, and smart retail.